ALA San Francisco 2015 2

This year, the American Library Association held it’s conference near me in San Francisco. This is the conference where they hand out their awards. Though I didn’t attend any of the workshops or events, walking the floor felt like a celebration of publishing. How could I miss that?!

ALA is completely overwhelming. Luckily, one of the first people I ran into were Debbie Ohi and Hazel Mitchell.

Photo by Debbie Ohi


Hazel and Tracy


I finally got to meet Dan Santat’s wife, Leah.

I was on my own for the first day, but luckily, met Cindy Derby! We hung out all day and had a blast. Later I finally me Meg Fleming in person!


Cindy Derby, me, Lea Lyon, Meg Fleming, Pam Turner
We found Renee Kurilla, too!!!

Tracy has been swamped in deadlines lately, so she wasn’t able to go the first day, but I wore her down and got her to go the second day. How could she not visit her books on display at ALA?

Here we are on a very loud and celebratory train full of gay pride partiers.
Not the Quitting Kind, illustrated by Tracy Bishop
Pipsie illustrated by Tracy Bishop

I thought the SCBWI LA conference was like being in a live version of Twitter, but the ALA conference is even more so. Every time I turned around there was someone I know, follow, or have heard of. I talked to everyone! Half the time I made no sense, but I really didn’t care. It was wonderful.

I finally got to meet Judy Schachner in person!!!!! She is the sweetest!! You must get your hands on her newest book, Dewey Bob, when it comes out!!! I love it so, so much.
Arree Chung of Live in a Story and author/illustrator of Ninja!

Did you see this pic on Publisher’s Weekly? I loved meeting Salina Yoon!!! She’s the best!

And how cute is this guy?
I pretty much lost my ability to speak when I met my idol, Mary GrandPré and Barb Rosenstock.
I was a blithering idiot upon meeting Alexandra Boiger.
How adorable are they? Philip and Erin Stead.

And I met Linette Kim from the Bloomsbury marketing team. I have an announcement coming about this soon. She had me in tears!

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