Niche Games That Can Be Played Online

Niche Games That Can Be Played Online

Would your everyday-life be the same without an online game? Of course not. But, don’t worry, there is no need to imagine your day without your favorite free time activity. The game developers every month introduce a new game to the world. The most popular ones with lots of positive reviews spread very quickly, but at the same time, there are really good games that remain undiscovered. Here we can offer you some of the niche games that can be played online, and mostly didn’t gained popularity:

  1. Cube Slam

This game – Cube Slam, is a new version of the classic “Pong” game that made a really long history and was famous many years ago. Now, with the new one, you play versus a bear in a giant frozen land area, with very few people or animals. The process of the game goes with really delightful sound effects, and your primary goal is to move the cube across the fortress. In fact, the game is not that smart or skill-based, but it can be enjoyable.

  1. Alter Ego

The name of the game says it all. Alter Ego is like a basic version of The Sims. The game script is written by a psychologist that provides you multiple possibilities at each phase going through life and everyday activities. You have the possibility to make the right choices and wrong ones. When you make right choices, you get a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and on the other hand, when you make some mistakes and wrong choices, you are practically disappointed, just as it happens in real life.

  1. 10 Bullets

There are so many games in the video game industry with a constant violation and an infinite number of shots that have the most straightforward possible formula: Shoot and Kill. Unlike all those games, here we offer you one that you have only 10 bullets to accomplish the round. If you use them wisely and with a specific strategy or tactics, you will destroy the spacecraft that surround you.

  1. Symboku

The idea of this game has come from the classic Sudoku, but this version is not about numbers but hieroglyphic-style signs and symbols. When playing it, you have a feeling like you are cracking some really important ancient code. You have numerous levels to move up, and with every next level, you will become more expert. Once you start playing it, you won’t be able to stop.

  1. Orcs Must Die! Unchained

If you are fed up of your games with severe themes and content, you should definitely try this one which is full of cartoonish details. The goal is to acquire an army of orcs picking different heroes with individual powers and strengths. It’s more like a representation of “Shrek” than “Lord of the Rings.” What makes this game really interesting is the moment when orcs die. They die in the most satisfying possible ways.

We hope that you would like this list of niche games that can be played online. Have fun!

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