The Weirdest Niche Casino Games

The Weirdest Niche Casino Games

Do you dream of winning big by not betting a lot? Have you thought about casinos? Whether online or real, casinos attract more and more players every day! You might think it’s boring all the time, playing the same game all the time, spending money without necessarily being sure to win! Not at all! Because in addition to allowing you to become rich in less than 5 minutes, casinos are full of ideas to create and propose new games. And while some are very classic, others are downright weird. Without further ado here are the 10 strangest and unusual games that can be found in casinos around the world.

  1. Belgian Birdsong

The Belgian Birdsong is a top-rated game in all casino in Belgium. This is a game where players have a group of birds placed in separate and different cages that take turns singing to the bettors. Players bet money on the bird they predict will sing longer than the others.

  1. Chuck-a-luck

A game that is only available at the Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut, Chuck-a-luck is a game with three dices, and they are mixed in a cage and the player has to place bets on the dice landing. The win is based on the number of rolls when the dice lands.

  1. The Chicken Challenge

In Tropicana Casino Hotel, in Las Vegas and the readers of the Atlantic City are have the option to enjoy a very unusual game played in casinos, which is called a chicken challenge. Here, players lined up for a set of zero and crossed against the game champion-a chicken called “Ginger,” to win price of $ 10,000.

  1. The Battle

10-weird-and-extremely-unusual-casino-games-4the game you played as a seven-year-old child can be found in almost all casinos nowadays. One of the simplest games you can bet on, the game is played leading to each turn.

  1. Sic Bo

10-weird-and-extremely-unusual-casino-games-5 very popular in Asian casinos and also in most Las Vegas casinos, as well as online, Sic Bo is a dice game in which players bet on different combinations that are rolled, specific totals and even or odd numbers.

  1. Rodent Roulette

10-weird-and-extremely-unusual-casino-games-6 having several creatures, the game has many variants in different casinos around the world. One of the most famous rodent roulette is the gerbil Roulette, in which instead of the ball, you have a little gerbil, which is placed in a box on a wheel and it ended up hiding in one of the many numbered boxes.

  1. Money Wheel

if you want simplicity, then you should definitely go for the game Wheel of money in the casinos-just bet on which part you think the Pointer will fall and wait after the spin is done to see if you have won or lost.

  1. Pai Gow

Considered as a variation of Poker, Pai Gow plays with seven cards, the goal being to make two different poker hands, one with both cards and the other with the five cards, and of course to beat the dealer.

  1. Let It Ride

A favorite of all those who simply can’t understand what the game really is all about, this game does not require bluff or strategy, as you just let it roll.

  1. Dreidel

A top game spinning game Jewish, Dreidel is often played during Hanukkah, but it has also been featured in several casinos because of its simplicity – all players have to do is place their bets and spin the top.

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