Retro Classic Indie Games

Retro Classic Indie Games

You’ve probably heard of them; you may even have enjoyed most of these video games. Isn’t that the case? We present you 20 essential indie games for any amateur. Action, platforms, role, graphic adventures, no matter the genre, independent studies have shown immense creative talent.

It wasn’t easy. Although it may seem that a list of 20 games gives a lot, there are so many, and so good, that every time in the 3djames editorial office we discarded a title, we took it off this list of essentials, it hurt our soul. What about FTL? What about the frantic Hotline Miami? Or the emotional to the Moon? What Hellbender? Firewatcher? Or the terror of Amnesia and Soma! Independent developers have delighted us in recent years with an actual recital of masterpieces; games that have made us especially enjoy electronic leisure, sometimes with the illusion of a child, to remember the old times, others, thanks to proposals like the Stanley Parable, with totally original, unique experiences, that deserve all the recognition of the world. But you had to choose, and these are the 20 essential indie games; the games that no amateur should miss for anything in the world. There’s everything!

Role, Action, Strategy, graphic adventures, with a spectacular ability to surprise, the twenty video games selected in this special are the best example, but not the only one of the enormous creative talent that defines indie studios. Its boom has allowed us to meet developers who leave from anonymity, but it has also served great industry gurus, such as veteran Ron Gilbert, father among others of the mythical The Secret of Monkey Island, to continue making history with high-quality video games.

  1. Braid – Number None (PC, X360, PS3)

A pleasant surprise – Braid is exceptional; a unique video game that under an apparent layer of simplicity hides what one of the adventures of puzzles and platforms more intelligent and ingenious than how many have appeared in recent years is. This Jonathan Blow game is pure magic; a masterful work that challenges you in incredibly original ways, which takes you to use time in your favor to overcome challenges designed with exquisite taste. But Braid is also one of those games that, with its history, with its graphics, with its music! You know, they touch the sensitive fiber by making you see that video games are more than just entertainment. That this art also can make you think; to upset your way of seeing things. For all of this, Braid has earned a place of honor in the Olympus of the most popular video games in history. And it’s not that it was a product of good fortune. Its author, with the extraordinary The Witness, has proven to be creative with an innate talent.

  1. Celeste – Matt Makes Games (PC, XOne, PS4, Switch)

Rise to glory – Celeste is not only an outstanding 2D platform adventure, it is also a video game that knows how to surprise with a thrilling story that touches the sensitive fiber, making every new level surpassed, every step that brings you closer and closer to the summit of the mountain where your action takes place, an incredibly satisfying experience. Madeline’s adventure poses difficult challenges, from those who make you die over and over again! But the Matt Make Games game never feels frustrating.; it all depends on your skill, your skill at the helm, which is a virtue because the game motivates you to try again and again to overcome any challenge. There are, and many, because in addition to the main adventure, Celeste poses additional challenges that are absolute hell, tests only suitable for those willing to work miracles. And what to say. When you get it when you get over what minutes before seemed like an impossible, you scream out of sheer joy. So exciting can be the new from the creators of Tower Fall: Ascension.

  1. Cuphead – Studio MDHR (PC, XOne)

An animation film made a video game. – Success is not always at odds with the quality of a video game because of it, when working as amazing as this gets it, the joy is double. First of all, of course, to enjoy a video game as spectacular as it is addictive, as challenging as it is exciting in its action, but also, because knowing that Cuphead has sold more than two million games gives you hope in this industry. It’s aesthetic, in the style of the animation films of the early 20th century, is an extraordinary claim but, obviously, Cuphead is more than just a beautiful facade. It is a challenging, difficult action game that despite being relentless with fans never gets frustrated. He encourages you to try one more time, to come back to face some final brass. Do you think a little? If Solo is fun, when you have a game with a friend, the experience improves incredibly.

  1. Minecraft – Mojang (PC, XOne, PS4, Switch, 3DS, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U)

The mass phenomenon – At this point, who doesn’t know Minecraft? Mojang’s video game, like so many other mass phenomena, came out of nowhere to, almost without realizing it, become one of the most successful works of all time. Not only in terms of sales, but we are also talking about more than 144 million games sold. Few titles have raised as many passions as this work by Markus Persson, which still enjoys great popularity today. It’s fantastic as a survival adventure, giving you total freedom to enjoy the game to your liking, creating your challenges, building real crazy things that you also enjoy showing other fans. It’s one of the keys to his success on YouTube. Without forgetting that it also allows you to create and build practically everything that comes through your mind. Create the world of Westeros with blocks? You can! Build a crazy roller coaster with fireworks? Go ahead, don’t cut yourself! Minecraft Awakens creativity encourages you to be resourceful, and the reward is incredibly satisfying.

  1. Divinity: Original sin 2 – Larian Studios (PC, XOne, PS4)

Freedom, blessed freedom – With Divinity: Original without leaving us speechless, what an incredible RPG! But its sequel is simply one of the best role-playing adventures of all time. “It is the perfect definition of freedom in the genre of the role,” we highlight in the analysis of Divinity: Original without II, which not only improves the combat system of the original, it makes it more exciting! But it also exponentially increases the options with which you face the action. There doesn’t seem to be any boundaries in a video game that allows you to do crazy things while enjoying an exciting fantasy story. Honestly, anything we say about Divinity: Original sin II is short; play it! You won’t regret it because you’re going to enjoy an incredible RPG.

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