A Leap of Faith

The amount of sketch work I have done in the past few years sits in a pile of sketchbooks next to my computer, untouched, most of it having never seen the light of day (i.e. the internet: instagram, facebook, twitter). One day, pondering all of this, I got very sad. What if all this work is for nothing?


But I took a leap of faith…and launched a Kickstarter campaign to print my favorite drawings in a book. To my shocking surprise…it’s actually happening! There are just three days left in the campaign and I’ve got the entire book in layout, ready to go!


One added bonus I am very excited about is… the endpapers:


I really appreciate everyone’s support so far, thank you! It really makes me so happy to think that people actually want to buy a book of my sketches. I mean, not only buy it, but fund it…make it happen. That blows my mind! 


There are just 3 days left to get one of my books for only $15! Here is a link to the project site if you are interested! www.kickstarter.com/projects/reneekurilla/so-many-sketchbooks

And THANK YOU (times a trillion!!)


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