Tracy Bishop is a children’s illustrator living in San Jose, CA. She juggles working as an illustrator with being a wife and mom. In her past life, Tracy has been a bookseller, graphic designer, and a web developer. Mixing digital art with traditional watercolors and ink keeps both sides of her brain happy.
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Christina Forshay was born and raised in sunny California, where she lives with her amazing husband and the two cutest kids in the world! As a child Christina could be found drawing, coloring and admiring her grand collection of crayons while watching Scooby Doo and The Brady Bunch. Actually, she still watches these shows when in need of some inspiration! Since 2004 or so, Christina has been proudly working as an illustrator for the children’s market. Seriously, what could be more fun?!?
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Renee Kurilla has worked in animation and publishing for nearly 10 years as a digital artist. In an attempt to find her non–digital voice, she fills sketchbook after sketchbook with ideas. Trading her Wacom pen for a #2 pencil, brush pen, and watercolors, she hopes to accomplish a looser and more emotion-driven style of art making. She lives in Boston, MA with her illustrator husband and fluffy cat Timmy, who serves as inspiration for many of these ideas.
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Laura Zarrin lives in San Jose, CA with her husband, two filmmaker sons, and her four legged studio assistant, Cody. She can often be found in her studio, elbow deep in paint, paste, paper, and Photoshop. She loves illustrating for children, because they’re the best audience in the world!
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