Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Current "Art Crushes"...

Over the past year or so my artistic sensibilities have been slowly evolving. How I draw and paint is changing and so is the type of art that gets me excited.

Why this gravitation is happening is a mixture of a few different things. Mostly, I think it has to do with the fact that I've become very comfortable drawing the way I do, and after working consistently for a few years in the same style, I feel the need to break out of that mold to try something new and fresh.

Here are a few of the artists that I've had my eye on recently.  Perusing their art gets me really excited and inspired to paint! Their use of light, texture and great character design has me very intrigued. But after going back and looking at their art as I wrote this, the thing all of them have in common is that there's a level of RISK and TRUST you can see in their work. They let happy accidents happen. This risk and trust in their abilities and their media leads to a vivaciousness and energy in the work that I feel is missing in mine. I would love to be more free and less calculating.  My new mantra is: TAKE MORE RISK!

So take a gander at some of this gorgeous art by some talented artists! By the way, I've discovered a lot of these artists mostly via Twitter and Pinterest--two really useful ways to discover new artists and make new friends! You can follow me here on Twitter and here on Pinterest. Come join in the fun!

Júlia Sardá
Margaux Zinsner
Helen Hallows
Isabelle Arsenault
Martha Anne
Jamey Christoph
Gilbert Ford
Carson Ellis

I'll leave you with a little sketch for a personal piece I'm going to start painting soon...

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